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How to choose the best independent or assisted living community


Choosing which senior living community to join shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you’ve spent a lifetime working for your well-deserved rest and leisure time, and now’s the time to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Whether you’re looking at an independent or an assisted living community, take a little care to find the one that perfectly matches your needs, and expectations, and won’t be restrictive on your wallet.

To help with your search, follow these tips:

  1. Location is key
    While you may want to explore a new area or enjoy a different climate, you’ll also likely want to remain close to family members and friends, making frequent visits for you and them simple. To balance these factors keep these questions in mind:

    • How far is the independent or assisted living community from your loved ones?
    • How accessible are shopping, dining, entertainment, health care, and public transportation?
    • What’s your preferred climate or environment?
  2. Know what you want
    Getting the right place is made much easier if you’re clear on the type of community you want to live in and whether you’re looking for assisted living or independent living. Assisted living provides more hands-on care and additional support while independent living offers more of a maintenance-free lifestyle. A good idea is to get as much information from sources like your doctor or friends who live in such communities already. If you’re so inclined it can be very helpful talking to members of your family. All of this will give you a broader perspective on what you would prefer and what you need.
  3. Check out the activities and amenities
    Whether you’re into maintaining an active lifestyle or creating your own art (or both!), the senior living community that you choose should match your interests. Some senior living communities place a strong emphasis on keeping physically active with recreation such as golf and outdoor walks. Some focus more on community and socializing. Many will have game rooms, art studios, fitness and wellness centers, and gardening spaces. Almost all will have a blend of these elements, it’s just a case of choosing which is most appealing to you.
  4. Consider the costs
    Senior living communities have different price points depending on the location, size, amenities, and the services that they offer. While you certainly want to choose the best place you can, don’t overstretch yourself. This is a time to enjoy, not a time for anxiety and stress.
  5. Visit the community in person
    It helps to take several tours of the community so that you get a feel of the place. If possible, visit during different times of the day so that you get to observe the activities and how the community functions over a prolonged period. You can also ask to join an event and talk to some of the current residents.
  6. Plan ahead
    A part of choosing the right independent or assisted living community is to look towards the future. With this in mind, you’ll want a senior living community that will be able to accommodate your changing needs over time.

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