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Home layouts for older members of the family

An old couple talking to an architect

Physical abilities and activities change with age, due to the natural decline of muscle mass and strength. That’s why home layouts need to be accessible, safe, and comfortable for older members of the family.

These are the best home layouts and features for 55+ residents:

  • Single-story plans

    Bungalows and Ranch-style homes are ideal because they’re single-story structures. The benefits are clear: a one-floor dwelling eliminates the need for people with mobility, knee, or hip issues to use the stairs. Plus, stairs present a risk for falls and accidents. With a single-story plan, all rooms are more accessible. Older people don’t need to navigate steps to access any part of the house.

  • Wider hallways

    Wider hallways and walkways are another important feature. It gives older people more space to maneuver, especially if they use mobility devices like canes, wheelchairs, and walkers..

  • Functional lighting

    Good lighting is essential for seniors, helping them to independently navigate the home. Eliminating dark corners, reducing the use of ambient lighting, and increasing the wattage of lights decreases the risk of tripping and falling, thus improving the quality of their life.

    Aside from functional lighting, home layouts for seniors also need to incorporate plenty of natural light. More natural light in the home has been shown to improve mood, memory, and sleep in seniors.

  • Non-slip flooring

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one in four adults slip and fall each year. Which makes non-slip flooring a must in the home of older people. Slip-resistant flooring can be installed in many areas of the home, including the kitchen, bathrooms, and home offices. Rubber flooring is the best and the safest option for seniors. It remains slip-resistant even when wet and it has better cushioning than most floors.

  • Pull-out shelving

    Pull-out shelving or drawers are a great way to make items more accessible at home. Seniors can avoid losing their balance or straining their muscles when they don’t have to bend down or stretch to reach for stored items. Pull-out shelving also optimizes the space by making it more functional.

  • Accessible bathrooms

    For older adults, the bathroom is where most accidents occur. Whether it’s getting out of the shower or standing up from the toilet, accidents caused by these activities are more likely to happen to seniors. Installing grab bars is one easy way to make the bathroom safer for seniors. It can prevent accidents in slippery areas by providing stability and support.

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Please visit our Senior Services page for information about our resources for Seniors.

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