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Best amenities for keeping fit at the Ocean Hills Country Club in Oceanside, CA


Keeping fit and active is important for seniors and aging adults. Through exercise or by participating in sports, people who are 55+ can enjoy the numerous health benefits that physical activity can offer, including improved cardiovascular health, better balance, and stronger muscles and bones.

The Ocean Hills Country Club, located in the coastal community of Ocean Hills in Oceanside, CA, is a premier retirement community that promotes active living through its top-notch amenities. Whether you’re looking for a low-impact activity or a more challenging workout, the Ocean Hills Country Club has just what you need.

  • A multipurpose facility for fitness and recreation

    The centerpiece of the Ocean Hills Country Club is its 27,000-square foot clubhouse. This multipurpose facility caters to various needs and serves as an area for fitness, recreation, and social activities. The fitness center has two rooms: one for cardio and the other one for strength training. You’ll find a variety of equipment and machines that answer your fitness goals.

  • Olympic-sized pool and spa

    Aside from being a low-impact workout for seniors, swimming is an excellent way to improve your flexibility and boost endurance. Ocean Hills Country Club has an olympic-sized pool that’s perfect for doing laps, taking a water aerobics class, or just going for a leisurely swim.

  • 18-hole golf course

    Ranked as the 6th most popular amenity in the Ocean Hills Country Club, the Ocean Hills golf course delivers an enjoyable golfing experience to all those who use it. The 18-hole executive golf course consists of par-3 holes, with the exception of a par-4 hole that stretches over 240 yards.

    The Ocean Hills Country Club takes a unique approach to health and fitness by forgoing regular golf carts. Instead, golfers are encouraged to walk to the next hole. Even as golf enhances strength and endurance, as well as balance and coordination, eschewing the use of carts means boosting a golfer’s cardiovascular health. However, individuals with physical limitations can still request a single-rider golf cart.

  • Sports courts

    The Ocean Hills Country Club also has various sports courts for those who enjoy racquet sports and other ball-based activities. Outside the clubhouse are tennis courts, pickleball courts, and shuffleboard courts. If you prefer lawn sports, the Ocean Hills Country Club offers bocce and croquet. Residents have the opportunity to participate in friendly matches or sign up for an organized tournament.

  • Walking trails and dog parks

    Nothing beats spending time outdoors and taking in the area’s natural beauty. The Ocean Hills Country Club has a 2.5-mile walking path with slightly hilly terrain. The number of hills and the elevation is just enough to get your heart pumping, giving you a moderately challenging workout with a view.

    Within the community, there are several parks where residents can relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can also bring your four-legged friends to the community’s fenced-in dog park, where they can run around and play leash-free.

These amenities are some of many benefits that you can expect when you live in an exceptional 55+ community like Ocean Hills Country Club. For more information about the amenities, services, or the real estate properties in Ocean Hills Country Club, get in touch with Bryan Devore of the Devore Realty Group. Call 847.452.2628 or send an email today.

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